About Us

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The person behind EWS

I’m Andrew Townsend, a 28 year old website developer, based in Leicestershire, UK.

I have worked in the website and websystem development industry for over 13 years, with experience in website and websystem development.

My current focus is websystem development for business, working freelance with a number of clients, working both on design and implementation of websites and web applications

I have been studing for my degree which is a clasification of BSc Computer Science (with year in Industry) at the University of Leicester. Along with studying for the degree it has allowed me to implement new technologies and methodologies into my clients websites giving them a more professional product and service. This is something that has further been built upon during my Industrial Placement year where I was able to apply what I had learnt on the first 2 years of my degree course and previous knowledge, to apply myself in an industrial environment. From this experience I was able to pick up new technologies and languages and how they can be applied in a business requirement.

When I’m not developing websites or applications, I am a keen photographer. This is mostly around landscapes and nature which can be found on my flick account Flickr Profile. Another of my interests is being a petrolhead attending most of the Santa-Pod Raceway events, and working on my own Ford.

I believe success comes naturally if you deliver excellent service and this philosophy has served me and ExclusiveWebSystems well! We have a large number of loyal customers and the majority of new business comes in through recommendation.

Working together we can help make your business or organisation grow.

What is a Websystem?

I have mentioned serveral times about websystems as well as websites, a websystem for me, is an application that note only provides information to its viewer but allows them to streamline a process, or provide functionality to manage their business, an example of this is for TheCaravanBreakers.com where I created a e-commerce websystem for him to advertise and sell caravan parts for his business. This same websystem was reused and incorporated into another e-commerce system TheQuarterInch.co.uk to provide the same backend functionality for the online shop.

Available Skills

Here at ExclsuiveWebSystems we are ever increasing in knowledge and skillset, with this in mind everytime we take on a project we aim to incorporate and expand upon a new skill.

Over the past 13 years I have constantly been learning, below are a range of skills I have learnt and become compentent in a business environment with.

  • HTML (including HTML 5) / xHTML / CSS - CSS3 / cross browser debugging
  • PHP (versions 4 & 5, skilled in PHP OO development)
  • MySQL
  • Text Message sending via Website/WebSystem
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript + AngularJS
  • Javascript + JQuery + jQuery UI + jQuery Mobile
  • AJAX interaction with: JSON, XML
  • CMS: WordPress – theme development, plugins development and customisation, site setup
  • PHP Application frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP working with Doctrine/Liquibase
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 + Adobe After Effects
  • Web services: cURL, SOAP, oAuth.
  • Google APIs including authentication, Google Maps, Google Chart and Custom Google Search
  • Location-based searching
  • Social Media Integration Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Flickr etc.

This is a subset of the skills I have to offer but are the main ones, if you are unsure about any of them contact me to discuss further.

Available Facilities

ExclusiveWebSystems offers only the best quality and proffesional of platforms to base your business off, we use cutting edge technology to host our websites maintaining a guraenteed 99.98% uptime. As your business grows we are fully scaleable expanding to accomodate your needs.

Green technology is always key when we are supplying hosting because of that the hosting company we work with is pro-activly green with their carbon offsetting program. This scheme means that all of our servers carbon footprint are offset, one of their main projects includes a 3.6 megawatt wind farm based in Southern India.

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